Where to begin, that is the question. Telling your life testimonial is never easy especially when it involves so much pain, struggle and hardship. I guess the only way to break the barrier is to start from the beginning as, far back as I could remember. Most my life consisted of nothing but struggling, survival, pain and abuse from childhood to adulthood. Being raise in several different homes due to my father being in the military before finally getting settled with my father by the age of 5 yrs old and by then being raised by a step-mother who I thought at the time was mean but today I love her and realize why she did the things she did to me which at the time I felt like Cinderella then I ran away from home at age 14 and then I went right into a 16 year abusive marriage that was so called what was supposed to be an marriage to a non documented illegal alien from Mexico while under age and just had a baby which I believe the marriage is invalid being that he was not legally documented in the US to legally get Married under any state laws and I was cohersed into the marriage to fix his papers, the only good thing that came from being in a so called abusive marriage was my 3 daughters which I mostly struggled to raised on my own and then till I began serving Christ today. However it was Christ that has been with me through my entire life saving me from life and death situations that will send chills up your spine but God was with me the entire time and has spared my life because he had purpose in my life even through all my struggles and hardships. This is my story, my testimony of how I survived being in a struggling childhood in a strict step family, being abandoned by your real mother, molested at age 7 by a deputy Sheriff, a teenage runaway at age 14 and being homeless, living on the streets, gang raped, in a abusive so called marriage for 16 yrs by the age of 15 just to escape to save my life, being a  struggling mother of 3 and dealing with many mistakes to survive the list goes on. But through it all GOD has been by my side and brought me where I am today. This is my never told story.

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