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 National Runaway Safeline
Keeping America’s runaway, homeless and at-risk youth safe and off the streets.
   MadeForThem™  is  a  non-profit  organization  dedicated  to combating human trafficking and human rights issues dealing with abuse, neglect and exploitation, of men, women, and children.  
            Our primary focuses are: 1. Raise financial resources to support organizations who are already  
            engaged  in  combating human trafficking.   2. Educate consumers  through  the  MadeForThem
            clothing line. 3. Partnering  with  other  NGO's and initiatives to  build,  support  and  train  for 
            comprehensive  Safe House's  and mentors.  4.  Provide job training skills opportunities through
            a  MadeForThem™  manufacturing  house.    5.  Be  a  primary  resource  to  promote  socially 
            responsible businesses.  
            We believe that education is the foundation to  eradicating modern day  slavery.  Education will
            birth intolerance and intolerance with birth change.
Fighting Human Trafficking 

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