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As I drove home from work on June 4th of 2012,  my heart was joyful.  There were only 2 more days of school and then I would be off for the summer and have more time to spend with my husband and my Father who had been hospitalized  in May due to a broken back  results of a fall.  I entered into a precious time of praise and worship which I believe now, strengthened me for the ordeal to come.
When I entered my home, Don called me to come upstairs to urge my husband Michael to go to the Dr. to set a broken finger.  Don was a former homeless man that my husband and I had befriended as we delivered bread to the needy.  As time went by,  Don became Michael's assistant in the deliveries.
When I arrived upstairs, Don was standing there with a butcher knife in his hand.  He told me he had tied Michael up and I would be able to release him when I got back from driving him to meet up with a partner.  He took my purse & threw my cell phone across the room.  I prayed.  I just cashed my Dad's Social Security check that morning and in the bottom of my purse was $1,400.  I asked if I could have my credentials back so I could drive school bus the next day and miraculously, Don took only the  $16 in my wallet and handed me back the purse.
As I drove, I prayed asking God for his mighty help.  God told me to tell Don that I loved him like a brother and that God loved him and he didn't need to do what he was planning to do.  I pleaded, “just let me out and take my car”.  We were in a very isolated area, only vineyards and orchards.  Finally, Don did just that.  He ordered me to walk through the vineyard and if I came back to the road, he would kill me.
The vineyard was freshly tilled making my steps tedious as with each step I sunk to my ankles.  Urgency motivated me as I thought about Michael.  I knew he must be injured severely to be tied up and we had now been gone from the house for an hour.  When I reached the other side of the vineyard,  I walked down the road desperately looking for help.  There was no one-I prayed and within minutes a car approached me.  I flagged them down and they called the police for me.  As we waited for the police to arrive they told me they were lost, looking for a friends' home and they didn't even know why they had turned down that street.  The police questioned me for the next two hours, during which time, not a single car passed by.  God had sent that family to help me!  Several sets of officers came to question me and each time I would inquire about my husband I was told that they had dispatched help to the home and as soon as they knew anything, they would let me know.
Finally, I was placed in a police car and we headed back to my home town, Fresno, Ca.  I thought they were taking me home but instead, it was to the police station to give my “formal statement”.  After waiting yet another hour, the detectives finally arrive to record my statement.  The officer asked me to step into a side room for just a few more questions.  At this point, I boldly declared:  “I am not going to answer another question for you until you answer one for me.  Is my husband dead?”  The chilling answer:  “yes”.
This was the most difficult day of my entire life, but I can say God was with me every step of the way, strengthening me.  In the weeks to follow, God continued to do miracle after miracle for me. 
•                     My car was recovered in 4 days.
•                     Don was captured in one month
•                     Don changed his plea to guilty and the trial was over in ½ hour
•                     Don  received 5 life and ½  sentences
•                     The men in my  church restored my home
•                     Michael's funeral was totally paid for by strangers
•                     Four people received Christ at Michael's funeral
As I moved to an apartment, my son Billy, moved in with me.  We began to unpack Michael's chest of drawers and discovered an envelope with $8,600. in it!  Don had not found the envelope  as he searched for monies nor had the home invaders who robbed my home just before I could get moved!  God had preserved the money just for me.  It was just what I needed to pay the mortgage until the day I rented the house out.
As we attended the sentencing of Don, my family had a friend read a letter to Don that said:  “As a family, we forgive you Don and if you will ask Him to,  God will too”.
We left court saddened by our loss but free in our hearts.
                                                    ** Donna Weisser - Fresno Ca.


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Awesome Testimony Submitted 

by Sis Olivia Ponce

Reedley Ca 

 When I was 18 I gave my life to God. I back slid and started the long and dreadful journey down a long and dark road I THOUGHT I had control of. I got married, had two children. Got divorced and married again, and then started using drugs. I left my second husband and my children, pushed my family away to a point where I was alone because of the life I led all to chase after a high I would never find. I got involved with a crowd that got into plenty of trouble and did things I am not proud of. I lived a life that should have led to me to jail, or even death.
Many times my mother and younger brother would tell me,” You need to get right with God before it’s too late.” My brother even told me, “Olivia, you don’t belong to this world, and you need to get right with God on your own way, or He will do whatever He needs to in order to get your attention again and bring you back.” Of course I didn’t listen and continued to ACT like I belonged to a world I had no need to be a part of. I saw my Pastor and he too told me, “Mija, it’s time to come home.” The last of God’s warnings I did not listen to.
I never in a million years saw what was coming and what I would go through all because I didn’t listen to His calling me back home to where I belonged.
November 7, 2013 that all changed. I went in to have a simply surgery, in and out, no more than 4 days in the hospital. I would be home within a week. I went in THINKING I would be okay and that I had prayed that morning, something I hadn’t done for some time, and that would be enough. Yet I got high before I went to the hospital. I went into that surgery and laid on that surgery table a sinner, with no hope of a better life should something go wrong. Never did it cross my mind I wasn’t right with God and if something went wrong and I had to meet my maker I wouldn’t be entering into His kingdom. I WASN’T READY TO STAND BEFORE GOD. But none of that was on my mind. What was on my mind? I wanted to get this over with so I could get back to my life.
The surgery went well, according to the Dr. A few days later, when I should have been going home, my organs started shutting down. My stomach was getting larger and I was in a lot of pain. I had ammonia, something common when a person has surgery.  Days later I fell into a coma and they realized the Dr had cut my intestine and didn’t know. So I was becoming septic. I couldn’t breathe on my own and I was put on the life support machine. The surgeon told my family I was the sickest person in the hospital, I was going into surgery AGAIN to TRY and fix the error, but he didn’t think I would come off the surgery table alive. Only a miracle can save her, he said. (He advised my husband, children, dad and the rest of my family it was best to call all the rest of the family together and start planning to bury me)
But you see, even though I wasn’t right at the time with God, He had other plans. There is still work for me to do on this earth for His honor and glory and He wasn’t done with me yet.
My family is a believing and praying family. Not just my blood family, but my church family and those who were called upon to pray did.
I made it through that 2nd surgery. But I still wasn’t out of the woods. I still was on life support and in a coma. And the Dr’s STILL didn’t give my family any hope. IF I woke up, there was a great possibility that I would not be right again. I would have brain damage due to my blood pressure going up so high, and I would have many medical issues. (Yeah ok they didn’t know whose child I was and why I was STILL alive, nor did they know the power of prayer!!!!)
Four surgeries and a month later I was sent home, ALIVE!!!! Yes I had a large wound that needed care. I had to learn to walk again and the normal daily things we do on our own daily, I had to have help doing. I lost all my hair, and had to deal with all the medications and side effects of being on Morfin for a month, But I was ALIVE and I would recover.
I remember asking my brother, “Why me? Why am I going through this still didn’t I have to go through enough almost dying?” God answered me through him when he said, “ Sis, if you would have had the surgery go well and would not have had all this happen to you, where would you be right now?” and when I answered I knew that God was still healing me, physically, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually. He cleansed me from my addiction of methamphetamine completely. Had I not had to go through all that I went through, I know I would have went right back to the life I was living before my surgery.
I could have died that day or at any time during that month I was in the hospital and I would have had no one to blame for being condemned to death. But even through my stubbornness and unwillingness to follow God, He thought of me and had mercy on me to give me a second chance to repent and ask for forgiveness. All thanks to the miracle my Lord and Savior did in my life so that I would have a chance not only to repent of the sinful life I was leading but to share with others of His love and mercy.
We serve a mighty and merciful God and I will forever be thankful for loving me so much that He not only died for me and shed His blood for my sins, but for showing me mercy and giving me a second chance to live! All honor and glory to Him.
-Olivia Ponce

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